We offer 24/7 emergency Furnace repair service in Racine WI.
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We offer 24/7 emergency Furnace repair service in Racine WI.
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Commercial Systems

Count on Us for Your Commercial Heating and AC Needs

First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc. performs installation, repair and maintenance on commercial equipment. If you own a commercial building or you are in charge of making sure everything in a commercial building runs correctly, it's likely you understand how difficult it can be to get your HVAC system working just right. However, it is important to make sure your unit is running effectively and keeping your employees, customers, and other visitors in the building comfortable and healthy.

First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc. is experienced with the array of systems typically used to heat and cool commercial spaces. Our skilled technicians can repair and maintain your existing system and can evaluate the dynamics of your structure and space to make effective, efficient equipment recommendations when new equipment is needed.


Are you in the middle of constructing a new commercial property in the Racine area? Perhaps the existing HVAC equipment in your building has seen better days. Whatever circumstances have you seeking out commercial HVAC installation in Racine, count on First Call Heating & Cooling to meet your needs. We offer a full range of commercial HVAC installation services, including:

  • Heating installation
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Ventilation installation
  • Server room air conditioning installation
  • Management system plans and installation

Benefits of a New Commercial HVAC System

If you're considering installing new commercial HVAC equipment to replace the outdated system in your building, you may hesitate because of the upfront cost. However, you can't fuss over your old equipment forever. You know it's time to invest in a better HVAC system if you want:

  • Reduced utility bills: Running your business efficiently is difficult if you pour more money than necessary into heating and cooling costs. Reducing these costs is the first way new commercial HVAC equipment pays for itself.
  • Reduced need for repairs: If you're tired of calling in the pros to repair your aging commercial HVAC system, it could be time to install new equipment you can actually rely on. The upgrade will save you time, money and effort.
  • Happy, productive employees: It's hard to be productive when a faulty HVAC system creates hot and cold pockets throughout the workspace. However, when your employees are comfortable thanks to the advanced features of your new HVAC equipment, they can focus on getting things done. This makes your employees happier and more productive, both of which are good for business.
  • Healthy workers: Old HVAC equipment is notorious for harboring dirt, dust and allergens, which whip up every time the system sputters into gear. If your employees have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, they may experience symptoms at work that halt productivity. A new HVAC system with a regularly changed filter and newly cleaned ductwork harbors clean indoor air and healthier employees.
  • Lower environmental impact: With the popularity of "going green," your business probably has a commitment to helping the environment with recycling programs, carpooling incentives and other initiatives. Replacing your power-hungry HVAC equipment with a more efficient model helps further your company's environmental goals.


You probably don't give your HVAC system much thought from day to day, but this is an essential part of your business. When employees or customers walk through your door on a blustery Wisconsin winter day, they expect the building to be warm and comfortable. They also trust your business to provide an escape from the heat during summer.

When your HVAC system malfunctions, it's unable to provide the level of comfort your employees and customers anticipate. A severe enough problem may even force you to shut your doors until the system is fixed. This could cost your business a whole lot of money.

To prevent this, act quickly and schedule commercial HVAC repair with First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc. if you notice something's wrong with your furnace or air conditioner. We provide the services you need to get your heating and cooling back up and running as quickly as possible.

Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Keep on top of your commercial HVAC repair needs and watch for these signs you should hire a technician to come inspect your system:

  • Malfunctioning equipment: The first and most obvious sign that you need commercial HVAC repair is if the system remains unresponsive no matter how much you fiddle with the thermostat. To keep your employees and customers comfortable, and to prevent temporarily shutting down your business, schedule a repair immediately.
  • Noisy operation: Modern commercial HVAC systems are designed to operate quietly. If one day you notice odd noises coming from the equipment or ductwork, don't ignore it. You could have a major mechanical issue on your hands threatening the integrity of your furnace or air conditioner. Use the equipment as minimally as possible until a technician can come out and take a look.
  • Hot and cold areas: It's common for malfunctioning heating and cooling equipment to lose its ability to distribute conditioned air evenly. You may experience comfort problems in the form of hot and cold pockets throughout the workspace. If some employees complain of being too hot while others are too cold, finicky equipment - not personal preference - could be to blame.
  • Elevated utility bills: It costs quite a bit to heat and cool a large commercial space. Keep an eye on your utility bills because a sudden increase could mean the HVAC equipment requires attention. A quick repair pays for itself by restoring your utility bills their usual level.


Commercial HVAC units need to be reliable, especially when considering the load they carry on a daily basis. However, problems do occasionally arise that need professional assistance. At First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc., our HVAC experts are always ready to provide superior servicing, installation, and maintenance for the system that keeps your Racine and Kenosha area business comfortable.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc.'s HVAC maintenance services are centered on creating a customized maintenance program designed to meet or exceed each individual client's needs. We understand that every heating/cooling component has a unique life cycle, so we develop a plan designed to meet each system's requirements. Our goal is to help clients avoid system failure while keeping your maintenance investment at a minimum.

Since the founding of our company, our primary mission has always been to create and maintain a healthy, safe and comfortable working atmosphere for all of our clients. Our entire team is trained and certified in accordance with the most stringent standards in the industry, and we continue to build our skills through industry seminars, ongoing training sessions, manufacturer educational classes, and continuing educational courses. When you call First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc., you're calling the best.

  • Fully trained and certified technicians
  • Competitive repair pricing
  • Unmatched customer service

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Aside from keeping your building's HVAC system in tip-top shape, why is maintenance necessary? Here are a few of the benefits that come along with a routine inspection:

  • Better energy efficiency. Did you know that routine maintenance on your HVAC system can actually help reduce your energy bills? When your unit is operating at peak condition, it doesn't have to work nearly as hard to do its job. That way, your energy bills and repair needs will lower.
  • Improved system performance. During your inspection, our experts will make sure that all of the components of your HVAC system are working properly-that way, your unit won't have a hard time keeping your home comfortable!
  • Fewer inconvenient breakdowns. Annual maintenance allows your HVAC technician to catch minor problems that, without an inspection, might've turned into bigger issues in need of repairs.
  • Cleaner, healthier air. Because your technician will clean your HVAC system, the air quality in your home will improve, making it a safe, healthier environment for you and your loved ones.
First Call Heating & Cooling, Inc. won the award for Best of Racine County from The Journal Times in 2022.
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